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SJRLC Mobile Services Initiative
Audiobook Consortium

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Audiobooks Project FAQ
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Technical FAQ, Basic Help/Policies

Want to join us in 2009?  Letter of Agreement is available here.


  1. Will libraries need to purchase any specialized equipment?
    Libraries will not need to purchase specialized computer equipment.   Individual libraries may choose to check out equipment (i.e MP3 players) to their customers but that is a local decision. 

  2. What is the size of a download? How long does it typically take to download?
    The time to download a book depends on several factors including the size of the book, the speed of your telecommunication connection, and the processor in the device you are using to download.

  3. Will libraries have to allow downloading audiobooks in the library?
    That is a local decision. OverDrive can disable downloading by a library's IP range(s). This allows a customer to check out a copy in the library but download the copy at home.  Overdrive is also developing a software called "Download Station",  that will make is easier for libraries to provide in-library downloads, if desired.

  4. Which devices can be used to listen to the downloaded audiobooks?
    Here is a list of supported portable devices Additionally, IPOD compatible titles will be added starting in Fall, 2008!!

  5. How will authentication be done? 
    Authentication will be done by OverDrive through each library's patron database.

  6. Is the Overdrive Media Console accessible from MAC computers?
    Overdrive is compatible with most newer MAC’s which have a WINDOWS link.  Additionally, IPOD compatible titles will be added starting in Fall, 2008!!

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  1. What tech support is available?
    OverDrive provides customer support to the library's technical/support team.  Library staff can reach Overdrive tech support at: (please do NOT give this to customers)  In most cases, this support is provided by email.  Each library provides direct support to their customers.  Overdrive also provides excellent online FAQ support.
  2. What is the extent and nature of training?
    OverDrive provides web-based training via conference call.  These trainings are recorded and available online. For more information see:

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  1. How will cataloging be handled?
    We have opted to purchase OCLC catalog records for each title.  Each library may load the records into their catalogs.  These records are available here.
  2. Will I be able to keep and get statistics specific to my users and library?
    Yes!  OverDrive has many reports built into their system. A library may log into their account and choose the report that they want. There are reports available both on the consortium level and on a library-by-library basis.  
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  1. What will be the scope of the collection?
    Our collection priority will be popular fiction and non fiction audiobooks.
  2. What will the licensing look like? One copy/one circulation? Or unlimited checkouts?
    A portion of the digital audio books available from OverDrive (those from Blackstone) are available for unlimited checkouts. The SJRLC project will include at least 100 unlimited digital audiobooks in the opening day collection. Other digital audiobooks will be available only as one–copy/one–circulation.
  3. What is the title selection process?
    All participating libraries will have a code that will identify them in the OverDrive system. They may go in to the system at anytime to recommend titles under their code and will be able to view what other libraries have recommended. SJRLC and project participants will determine an ordering process that provides the maximum efficiency and continuous updating of the collection.
  4. How many copies will there be of each title?
    Some digital audio titles will permit simultaneous, multiple downloads. The number of one copy–one circulation audio books will depend on the number of copies purchased by the project.
  5. When you a download a title, how long will you retain that title?
    The lending period has been set at 14 days.
  6. Will the books be renewable?
    You won't be able to renew an audiobook but you can check it out again if there are no holds on it. You will only need to receive a new license – you will not need to download that digital audiobook again.
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  1. WHAT IS THE COST?  -(NEW!  Information on EZ PROXY)
    In the first year of the project,
    the Library agrees to pay an annual participation cost of $1,000 and an annual audiobook collection fee based on the library’s 2004 annual circulation figures  (see letter of agreement for details. )   In subsequent years, libraries will pay the $1000 base fee plus an annual audiobook collection fee based on their customers' usage of the shared audiobook collection. 

    You may need to purchase a SIP, SIP2 or NCIP license from your ILS vendor, if you don’t have one already, that will permit OverDrive to integrate with your library's ILS system.  If your ILS vendor is Innovative Interfaces, you can purchase a single SIP or SIP 2 license to cover all OverDrive operations.  This is the same for DYNIX, SIRSI, CARL, Polaris, etc.  The Innovative Patron API will also work but is not necessary.  While the Patron API is more expensive, Overdrive reports that the Patron API is the best solution and will support many simultaneous applications.

    Overdrive reports that a library only needs one SIP2 license for all OverDrive operations. The time during the audiobook download process during which OverDrive is interacting with your ILS is only the second it takes to authenticate. New York Public uses only one SIP2 license for their entire enormous OverDrive operation.

    It may be possible to configure a single SIP2 license for multiple remote vendor operations; using the same SIP2 license for a local operation like a self-checkout machine AND a remote operation like OverDrive is more unlikely.

    Libraries need to check out the possibilities with their individual ILS vendors.

    7/27/06 NEW!  Information on EZ PROXY:  Overdrive has just informed us that libraries can use EZproxy instead of a SIP license.    EZ Proxy only costs $495 and is installed on your server.  EZ proxy is working closely with Overdrive and Overdrive will work closely with you to ensure a smooth install.  More information as it becomes available.
  2. What does the resource sharing agreement entail?
    All participating libraries will have access to all of the audio books in the shared collection.
  3. Does the cost include MARC records?
    The project budget will include MARC records supplied by OverDrive/OCLC.  These will be available soon.
  4. Do the participating libraries sign a contract for a certain length of time?
    Libraries will sign a letter of agreement with the South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative (SJRLC) for one year. 
    The South Jersey Regional Library Cooperative will provide participants the opportunity annually to continue or discontinue participation in the project.
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  1. If a library leaves the project, would the library retain any of the audiobooks?
    If a library leaves the project, the content remains the property of the group.
  2. When does the project start? What is the sign–up date?
    The sign–up deadline is October 1 to be part of the project for the next year.  The Letter of Agreement is available here.
  3. Can all libraries in the region use the audiobooks or just the participating libraries?
    Only participating libraries in the project and their registered borrowers may access the collection.
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