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Digital Library 101: Browse, Check Out, and Download!

  • Wednesday, January 28th at 10 AM EST   Access Code: 5736009
    Description: Learn how to browse, check out, and download OverDrive media. At the end of this course, staff should feel comfortable answering basic questions about your library's Virtual Branch.
  • Duration: 1.5 hours.
  • Who should attend: All staff.

CONFERENCE SETUP: Please complete all steps below.  The training will be conducted using ReadyTalk, which uses online web sharing and telephone conferencing.

Step 1: Conference testing and setup (at least one day prior to conference)

  1. Java install: Java is required for this conference. Please confirm you have the latest version of Java installed on the computer(s) you plan to use:
  2. Test Connection: Please test your connection prior to the conference here:  Locate the 'Join a Meeting' box, and click 'Test your Computer'. A dialogue box will be displayed. If your computer is setup properly for the conference, you'll see two green dots. If not, two red dots will be displayed with instructions for the Java install.
  3. Screen resolution: The conference is best viewed using a screen resolution of 1024x768.
  4. Internet connection: OverDrive recommends using a hard line Internet connection rather than a wireless connection.
  5. Audio connection:
    1. A speaker phone is recommended for the audio conference.
    2. If your location wishes to attend but cannot dial in due to limited phone lines, please contact your OverDrive Project Manager for additional information.
    3. ReadyTalk allows up to 96 locations to call in to each training.
  6. Location: For the benefit of others on the call, please choose a quiet location for your training.

Step 2: Web Conference Login

  1. Make a note of the ReadyTalk access code listed in this email for the date and time you are attending (from 'Conference Details').
  2. Login to the conference 10-15 minutes before the training is due to start.
  3. Open Internet Explorer and go to:
  4. Locate the 'Join a Meeting' box. Enter your access code.
  5. Next, Ready Talk will display the 'Participant Registration' screen. Please enter your information as prompted, and our staff will send follow-up information after the call.

Step 3: Audio Conference Login (required for audio)

  1. Make a note of the ReadyTalk access code listed in this email for the date and time you are attending (from 'Conference Details').
  2. Dial the appropriate number from your touch-tone phone.
  3. Participants within US / Canada: 1.866.740.1260
  4. When prompted by the audio conference, enter your ReadyTalk access code. (Access Code: 5736009)

September, 2008 is TRAINING MONTH
Click here for details

  1. Overdrive offers regular online training, and archives training in video, powerpoint and pdf formats.  Please see their TRAINING PAGE to see upcoming scheduled trainings and archived trainings.  
  2. See also: Overdrive's Guided Tour page, which offers great, short videos that explain how to download and use the Overdrive Media Player, and more!
  3. Of particular interest to our Audiobooks Consortium:
  • Digital Library 101 (pdf | ppt):  This 1 hour training is designed to give library staff a basic understanding of how to download and listen to audiobooks so they will be able to assist customers with basic audiobook questions.  This training is recommended for all library staff that will be assisting customers..


  • Wednesday, January 7th at 10 AM EST   (Access code:  5736009)
  • Thursday ,  January 10th at 10 AM EST  (Access code: 5736000)
  • Friday ,  January 11th at 3 PM EST.   (Access code: 5736000)

Training is conducted using the ReadyTalk service, which uses online web sharing and telephone conferencing.   This training is recommended for new employees, or as a refresher. 

  1. For the online web sharing please have the attendees go to the following URL:   
    It is best to open this URL in Internet Explorer. Java is required to use this service, please confirm you have the latest version of Java installed on the computer(s) you plan to use (  
  2.  On the left hand side, you will see an option that says Participant Login Access Code. Please enter the access code (Access Code for Jan 7th is: 5736009.  Access code for Jan 10-11 is: 5736000. ) 
  3.  Please be sure to enter your full name (first and last) and your email address when ReadyTalk requests it as our staff will use that to send follow up information after the call.  
  4.  For the audio teleconference, call 1-866-740-1260 from any touch-tone phone.

*Please note: Our ReadyTalk presentations are best viewed using a hard line connection using a screen resolution of 1024x768. We have found that it is difficult to view the presentation on a wireless network. *


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